The new way of exploring space

When you were younger, you might have gazed up at the moon with a fresh sense of curiosity about space. Perhaps as you were staring at the stars, you began to wonder and asked yourself a question: What it is like up there? Perhaps you there is someone in your life, whom you have noticed is curious themselves about the beauty of space, and you have been looking to encourage and foster this curiosity. Now at this very moment, you have found yourself, searching through Google for a for gift ideas by typing in searches such as "gifts for science nerds, space gift ideas, solar system gifts, or even moon gift ideas." Your search has come to an end, and you have arrived at the right place. AtAstroReality, we currently create mini solar system models, moon/LUNAR models, and planetary models. All of which are designed to interact directly with our Augmented Reality AstroRealityApp on mobile.

Our Solar System, in AR

Ever since Yuri Gagarin, made the first trip out of our atmosphere, we’ve all been hoping to make the trip up to the final frontier ourselves. Through ever increasing innovation and discoveries, this is becoming more and more of an experience that people can have in their lifetimes.

Even before AstroReality became apart of our lives, we have all been passionate about fostering and encouraging curiosity for space. So when the opportunity came for us to utilize Augmented Reality technology to help people gain a new perspective of the planetary bodies that make up our solar system we were very excited to share our idea of the next generation of education technology with the world.

So why is Augmented Reality the next-generation education technology? We see it as being next generational on many different fronts, however, where we feel the primary benefit is in being able to provide a digital information overlay for the world around you. In addition to this, the best learning experiences are the ones where you can interact directly with the lesson.

Interacting directly with our AstroReality App has you holding our various models such as the LUNAR Pro, LUNAR Regular, LUNAR mini. All of these contribute to our highly detailed miniaturized solar system product line up. Being able to hold and feel the weight of our moon model and rotate it with your hand while simultaneously feeling all of the various craters on the surface. Alternatively, in comparison to other moon models or solar system toys, we designed our product with the intent that you want to hold them in your hands.

Novato space festival

Novato Space Festival

At the Space Station Museum in Navato California on August 5th of 2018th AstroReality attended the Navato Space Festival. We had a great time celebrating the joy of learning about space with everyone as well as some fantastic astronauts. We were excited to show people in person our Astroreality products such as LUNAR PRO. We were thrilled to meet the Apollo 15’s astronaut, Al Worden. We are looking forward to attending and seeing everyone again next year 2019!

Tech Gift Ideas for a Futurist.

Technology is all around us these days, we can’t avoid it or escape it. We can try, but ultimately we find ourselves falling further behind. When specifically tech gift hunting for a science nerd/geek or a space gift for your kids, you want to get something that is entertaining as well as intriguing. However, the central part that you are searching for is Innovation. Also, when it comes to innovation Augmented Reality is the latest and greatest. However, change needs to have a purpose and direction for it to be good. This way we created AstroReality and our first step.

Your Solar System, in AR.

The best way to experience our galaxy is through AstroReality’s AR app. Get a sense of size, space, and location of all the of the celestial bodies that populate our solar system. After you’ve held one of our models in your hands, you will be able to appreciate the superior craftsmanship. From the highly detailed 3d printed model of the planet, to the immersive opportunities that lie within our AR app, you will experience why there is no better way of experiencing our solar system than through AstroReality.

AstroReality's space gifts for kids

Getting kids excited about space, is easier than you think. Kids learn much more quickly through hands-on learning experiences. Experiences that require them to be actively involved, and interacting with their smartphone. Immersing them in a new kind of experience peaks their interest and captures their attention. AstroReality is an experience that will introduce your kids to the foundations of our universe.

The best Solar System gift. Period.

For some of us, looking up words meant looking outwards to space’s unknowns. A search for meaning and answers to many of life’s most significant questions. But to wrap our minds around the immense size of the universe, you need to scale it to human-sized proportions. We did that, then we built an AR integrated app that lets you experience the solar system in an entirely new and profoundly immersive way.

Not your average globe gifts.

Most globes are just a 3d map of the world. But we wanted more because a model isn’t enough when it comes to creating an immersive experience. We desired to interact and learn about our world in an entirely new way. We wanted to see weather patterns, see animal migrations, and see how human population density has changed over time. We packaged this all together to create our brand new Earth model. 

A Unique AR Experience.

Technology is ever changing and ever improving space. While the very foundations of the technology are still being laid out, we at Astroreality are hoping to continue to be apart and innovate in the space. Which is why we find our Astroreality solar system, lunar regular, and lunar pro to be great unique science gifts for kids as well as great unique astronomy gifts that will introduce your kids to a wonderful world of AR and also introduce them to the beauty of learning about space and our solar system.