Our Story

Our Story

Founded in January 2017, AstroReality has been committed to creating the world's leading AR experiences and changing the way people experience information through technology and innovation. We believe that creating new ways for people to learn, empowers them to drive themselves and better retain information that they learn. For our first product launch, we designed and developed LUNAR models
. We launched on Indigogo, then within 2 hours, we were funded entirely, and ultimately reached over 500% of our original goal. By achieving this, we not only felt validated, in our efforts but further vindicated that what we are making can help change and learn more about our world. Experience the universe with Us.

Our Mission

Before 1969 no one expected humanity to achieve something as monumental and inspirational as putting a human on the moon. While our mission might not be as risky, we do feel that we can have a similar impact on future generations and help people learn and interact with the universe around them in an entirely new way.

Our Vision

How do you make learning fun? How do you inspire people to want to learn more? These are questions that teachers and people alike have been asking for their entire lives. We recognized that we had an opportunity to provide answers to these questions by integrating Augmented Reality technology with real-world models and creating immersive, entertaining, and creative content. Being able to touch and feel and hold something gives you an experience.

What We have made

What we have done Designing and Creating the most accurate 3d printed model of the moon was just step one. However, we wanted more than just a model you can hold in your hands and feel. We wanted people to be able to interact with celestial bodies and planets in an entirely new way. That's when the Augmented reality came into the equation, and we realized that our vision could become a reality. We started out by introducing the world to LUNAR via our IndieGoGo campaign of which amazed us all by the support that we received. An amazing 500% funded in the first day. From our success, we decided to make efforts to expand our product line up. The first expansion was that of the Solar System mini set. we decided to then launch our newest product EARTH on Kickstarter which reached 200% funding within 2 hours. We have many more products that we are making/designing currently that we can not wait to share with you.