CES 2019: Let the New Journey Begin

All About EARTH: Our Blue Planet
December 6, 2018

CES 2019: Let the New Journey Begin

EARTH Model CES 2019 Innovation Award
AstroReality booth is located at LVCC South Hall Booth #21420 from Jan 8 to 11, 2019.


AstroReality has been focused on innovation since day one, as we believe Augmented Reality integrated education is vital for the future to giving the next generations the ability to learn effectively and to become fully immersed in what they are learning.


Our leading concept brought us to CES (Consumer Electronics Show), the biggest gathering of world’s latest consumer technologies. As a brand new company back to January 2018, AstroReality stood out among many well-established brands. We showcased our products,  LUNAR Pro, LUNAR Classic, LUNAR Mini models and Solar System Mini Set, demonstrated our leading technology our innovation. Many were impressed by our AR technology and excited to talk about the possibilities and potential our company has. We have mentioned in CES 2018 news and was praised as the one “ has created perhaps the best science toy ever.”

AstroReality at CES 2018

After the success of CES 2018, we continued to pioneer the future with Augmented Reality all while simultaneously paving the way for innovation in education. The launch of the EARTH, a 3D-printed, hand-painted globe brought to life with AR and AI-driven app, opened a new page of our innovation. EARTH’s technology takes you through time to explore our planet’s geological changes, wildlife, weather patterns, and more. Our smart voice technology powered by Microsoft LUIS can direct the app and discover a wealth of information about the earth, helping you learn about our incredible past, present and future.

LUNAR Model at CES 2018

Our innovation has impressed the judges of CES Innovation Awards, an annual competition honoring outstanding design and engineering in consumer technology products. It will be a good reference if you are looking for the best of CES each year. We are proud to announce that AstroReality EARTH been awarded as CES 2019 Award for Innovation in Augmented Reality. This prestigious award is “given to only the highest-rated product or technology in each category.” It is always a satisfying moment of reflection when we are recognized for our efforts.


CES 2019 would be the start of a new journey for AstroReality. We are ready to showcase all our products, launch several new products using AR technology, and demonstrate our new innovative ideas that we are bringing to market. It is the time to tell the world hope – to innovate, inspire, and encourage people to learn about space and our planet in an entirely new way.

AstroReality Talks at CES 2019

AstroReality booth will locate at LVCC South Hall Booth #21420. We invite you to come and experience our new products and technologies that we are unveiling at CES this year.

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