AstroReality: The Complete Collection for Black Friday 2018

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November 16, 2018
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November 21, 2018

AstroReality: The Complete Collection for Black Friday 2018

Humans have marveled at the moons, planets, and stars for thousands of years. We’ve sent probes to fringes of our solar system, built rockets that launched man to the moon, and captured galaxies billions of light years away.


We’ve wondered about the mysteries of fleeting Mercury, the spiraling hurricanes on Jupiter and the potential for life on Mars. Now you can experience it all with AstroReality— no rockets required! In fact, all you need is a smart device and your unique celestial model.


AstroReality combines augmented reality (AR) with 3D models of our planets and moons to bring the solar system closer than ever before. Each model is expertly crafted using cutting-edge 3D printing technology and topographical data from NASA so you can feel every crater, crevice, and canyon.


Start your space journey and explore our Black Friday 2018 collection below.



Explore the splendor of our home planet with AstroReality EARTH—the world’s most realistic model of Mother Nature! Using topographical data from NASA and precise paint pigments you can experience every ocean, mountain, and valley in meticulous detail.


Launch the AstroReality app and point your smart device at the EARTH model to activate the augmented reality, which superimposes computer-generated images over the real world around you. Witness weather patterns shift over the planet, watch migrational movements of animals over time, and retrace the evolution of our own species back 50,000 years.


AstroReality EARTH invites you to embark an immersive adventure around the globe. The app features six categories of exploration including meteorology, animals, plants, geology, humanities and the environment. Ask Gaea, the app’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) anything, and she’ll do her best to answer your questions.


Today you can hold EARTH in the palm of your hand as our Black Friday pre-sale has officially started.



The moon looms bright in the sky fueling our curiosity for the cosmos. Did you know humans haven’t stepped foot on the moon since 1972? While technology has come a long way in the last 50 years, the moon still remains relatively unexplored. Until now.


LUNAR represents one of the most realistic models of our moon. Constructed using polyurethane (PU) resin with topographic information gathered from NASA and printed to 0.0006mm per pixel, LUNAR is an accurate learning tool for any space lover. Using augmented reality, users can build customized experiences by taking part in simulated missions, explore the craters and dead volcanoes that cover the surface or discover new facts about the moon.


There are three beautiful models to select; including LUNAR Pro (120mm) to LUNAR Regular (80mm) and LUNAR Mini (30mm). Starting at only $39 USD there is no better time to start your space exploration. Don’t forget to combine your 3D model with LUNAR AR Notebook to experience the moon wherever you go!


MARS Classic

Have you ever wanted to travel to Mars? Our closest terrestrial planet, Mars is the second smallest planet in the solar system, and scientists believe that the children of today will one day live on the ‘Red Planet.’ While we’ve successfully explored some its the surface using Mars Rovers, there is still plenty left to discover.


Using MARS Classic, you can now explore the planet using Augmented Reality. Each 3D-printed model is amazingly accurate, with topography gathered from NASA’s MOLA elevation maps and printed to 0.1mm per pixel. Finished by hand using distressed paint, you can go on a journey to discover every mountain and crater.


For a limited time, you can purchase the Holiday Edition featuring both MARS Classic and the MARS AR Notebook for only $69 USD. With Black Friday Sales upon us, there’s never been a better time to kickstart your child’s education (or your own!).



Pluto sits on the outskirts of our solar system on the Kuiper Belt. A controversial demotion from ‘planet’ to ‘dwarf planet’ didn’t stop NASA’s New Horizons from visiting in 2015 and gathering the first high-resolution images of Pluto.


You can now explore the icy dwarf planet in cutting-edge AR technology using PLUTO Classic. With topographic information gathered by NASA, PLUTO Classic is a full-color 3D printed model that fits in the palm of your hand. The highly accurate model showcases major regions on the icy surface; from Tombaugh Regio to Tenzing Montes, there is a wealth of information to learn in an interactive and engaging environment.


PLUTO Classic is available from only $69 USD with Free Shipping and 30-day returns. If you’re keen to get your hands on PLUTO, keep a close eye on the current Black Friday sales!


Solar System Ultimate

Our solar system is made up of one star, eight planets and countless smaller celestial bodies like comets, asteroids, and an astonishing 181 moons. Yet despite its vast size, our solar system is just one in a billion that orbit the Milky Way Galaxy. The sheer magnitude of the universe has captivated the humans since our earliest chapter, and even to this day, our fascination hasn’t wavered. Although, how much do you actually know about our solar system?


Combing 3D-printed models of planets, dwarf planets, and moons with Augmented Reality, we can now take space learning to a whole new level. With the digital world upon us, students learning habits are changing. Textbooks and videos are becoming less effective, making it increasingly difficult to keep students engaged and attentive in the classroom.


However, augmented reality may be the answer. Using AR, AstroReality has developed a new approach to learning. Students can interact with 3D printed models while using smartphones or tablets to take control of their own education.


AstroReality’s Solar System Ultimate Set ($499 USD) and Solar System Mini Set ($179 USD) feature 18 different models of planets, dwarf planets, and moons, waiting to be explored through Augmented Reality.  Check out the website for the Black Friday Promotions that have already begun.


AstroReality Black Friday Deals 2018

Don’t be left in the dark! Whether you’re avid stargazer, science teacher, or merely enamored by NASA’s headlines, you won’t want to miss AstroReality’s Black Friday Deals. Be entertained, enlightened and awakened by AstroReality—your ticket to the cosmos.



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