EARTH: The World in the Palm of Your Hands

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October 22, 2018
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October 31, 2018

EARTH: The World in the Palm of Your Hands

Augmented Reality Earth

Ancient Greek astronomers proved Earth was round over 2,000 years ago. But, until just a few hundred years ago, Earth was still considered the center of the universe. In fact, it’s only been a few decades since NASA sent astronauts into space and we confirmed the circumference of our planet.


Earth, our home planet, is the only place in our entire solar system known to harbor life, yet we still have so much to learn about it. That’s why AstroReality developed EARTH —the world’s first Augmented Reality globe that invites you to discover the intricacies of our planet. Explore over 4.6 billion years of history as you embark on an adventure through Earth’s geological timeline.

The Most Realistic Model of Our Planet

The AstroReality EARTH experience is designed for everyone— from tech-savvy teachers to curious collectors, earth enthusiasts, and anyone who simply loves learning.


The EARTH model is finely molded from polyurethane (PU) resin using the latest 3D printing technology and topological data from NASA. Each geological feature on Earth’s surfaces—continents, oceans, and mountains— are printed within 98% accuracy and perfected with hand-applied paints to ensure every asset is clearly visible.

A Modern Encyclopedia at Your Fingertips

The EARTH model is brought to life by the AstroReality App using Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Open the app and point your phone’s camera at the model to embark on a deeply immersive learning adventure.

Beyond the realistic model of EARTH, the AstroReality app offers a seemingly endless library of scientific knowledge covering a range of topics designed to show our planet as a dynamic and interconnected system. Using an interactive timeline, learn about the events that continue to shape our world from climate change and weather patterns to migration movements and evolution.


Ever wondered why we experience four seasons each year? With EARTH, you can use your voice to ask questions about meteorology, the study of the world’s weather systems. Gaea, the app’s smart voice technology, will answer your questions with her wealth of knowledge. You’ll learn that Earth’s four seasons are the result of its axis-of-rotation being tilted at 23 degrees.

Curious about the first forms of life on Earth? Using EARTH’s timeline, you can trace the evolution of species from the first lifeforms detected more than 3.8 million years ago to the extinction of dinosaurs and emergence of humankind.


Perhaps you’ve wondered what lies below the surface? The EARTH app features advanced visuals of the planet including diagrams, moving heatmaps, cloud atlases, and point maps. Now you can discover every corner of our planet from the outermost crust to the iron inner core.

Mother Nature in the Classroom

Today’s teachers have an unpreceded opportunity to raise the bar on education. Integrating digital technology into the curriculum can significantly improve both teaching and learning while equipping students with the necessary skills to succeed in the 21st century.


The AstroReality EARTH model encourages self-directed learning by allowing students to pose their own questions and learn at their own pace. Self-directed learning teaches students the essential skills to become lifelong learners, such as thinking, research, and communication skills.


Teachers can utilize EARTH in classrooms to guide students towards a deeper understanding of our planet and the issues affecting its future from fossil fuels to glacier recession and overfishing. Students can take a close-up look at Earth’s natural wonders like Mount Everest, the Grey Glacier, and the Grand Canyon, in addition to exploring the following categories:


  • Animals
  • Plants
  • Geology
  • Environmental
  • Humanities
  • Meteorology


With such a breadth of topics, children of all ages, from K-12 and above can learn from EARTH. Mixing science, geography, and history lessons with digital technology is an effective way to get children excited about learning and promote active participation.

Explore Every Corner of Earth from Your Home

EARTH not only serves as an educational tool within the classroom. It also utilizes art, science, and technology to make the curiosities of our planet more accessible to everyone in a fun and interactive way.


With a diameter of 120mm and incredible detail, EARTH is a beautiful addition to your home or office. It’s a conversation starter, a source of knowledge, and an inspirational tool ready to motivate the leaders of tomorrow!

Be a Zoologist, Geologist, Meteorologist or More

Did you want to expand your worldly wisdom? With EARTH, you can explore every corner of the world and truly satisfy your thirst for knowledge.


Combine the intuitive AstroReality app with the EARTH model, or immerse yourself in an adventure with our EARTH AR Notebook. Learn more about EARTH and find the right product for you.



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