One Giant Leap for Lunar Learning

Discover the Solar System like Never Before
October 19, 2018

One Giant Leap for Lunar Learning

Accurate Lunar Model

Did you know that frozen water exists on the moon? Or that dust can be seen dancing across its surface at sunset and sunrise?


The mysteries of the moon have captivated humanity since the beginning of our time. But since Neil Armstrong achieved the impossible becoming the first man to walk on the moon in 1969, interest in space exploration has declined. In fact, no one has stepped foot on the Moon since 1972.


But, that’s all about to change with LUNAR –– the world’s first realistic, interactive 3D model of the Moon. With LUNAR you can now hold a mirror-image of the Moon in the palm of your hand. Uncover every crater, explore each sea, and marvel at one of the most remarkable sights in Earth’s night sky.

Model Of the MoonLUNAR model

The AstroReality LUNAR model is a unique asset to any classroom, office, or home. LUNAR combines topographic data captured by Nasa’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter with the latest in 3D printing technology to deliver the world’s most realistic model of the moon, portraying every lava flow, crater, and volcano.


LUNAR is constructed with unique polyurethane (PU) resin and modeled to 98%+ accuracy. Each topographic feature is precision printed within 0.0006 millimeters per pixel, perfected by hand using color-matched paint meticulously applied, and coated with a protective layer to ensure each unique model meets the highest standards.

AstroReality Augmented Reality

The AstroReality LUNAR Model is more than a physical portrayal of the moon. It’s an infinite source of knowledge. Combining cutting-edge technology and the latest research from NASA, LUNAR AstroReality brings the Moon to life through Augmented Reality.


Once you download and open the AstroReality app, simply point your smartphone’s camera at your LUNAR model. You’ll unlock features that allow you to explore the moon from an entirely new perspective.


  • Get a more in-depth look at the Moon’s most iconic and lesser-known landmarks
  • Discover fascinating facts and fun trivia
  • Ask questions about the Moon
  • Complete interactive tasks
  • Simulate missions to the Moon
  • Embark on your own lunar adventures


Each feature on the model’s surface forms part of the Moon’s timeline and narrative. You can explore Mons Huygens, the tallest mountain on the moon, which rises a staggering 15,400 feet high or discover the history behind Aitken Basin, the Moon’s largest impact crater. Situated on the far side of the moon, and hidden from the naked eye, this massive crater is more than 8 miles deep and has a diameter spanning 1,600 miles!

LUNAR at School

Digital technologies play an increasingly important role in the classroom. In addition to preparing today’s students for a future that will undoubtedly be driven by technology, employing digital tools in the classroom facilitates active learning by encouraging inquiry and assisting with knowledge construction.


AstroReality’s LUNAR models have the potential to engage and empower students to participate in classroom conversations from which deep learning emerges. Students can pose questions and receive immediate feedback within a highly interactive environment. LUNAR facilitates not only cooperative learning but also supports individualized education. As students have control over the Augmented Reality app, they can learn at their own pace in accordance with their individual abilities.


One of the greatest benefits of LUNAR in the classroom is that it encourages each student to develop ideas that go beyond the learning prescribed by the teacher by drawing on an ever-expanding pool of knowledge held within the app. In this sense, students can step outside the formal education setting and develop a deeper understanding of the moon.  


Employ the LUNAR model in your classroom and take your astronomy lessons to the next level. LUNAR makes learning fun and is set to inspire the next generation of astrophysicists.

LUNAR at Home

The AstroReality LUNAR model isn’t limited to schools though! It’s also a stunning statement piece and conversational topic for your home or office. LUNAR at home can equip you and your family with hours of educational entertainment. When combined with the augmented reality app, LUNAR can support your child’s learning outside the classroom by providing an engaging and fun educational tool. As a parent, you can connect with your child and join them on their journey of space exploration.

Learn more

Combine the intuitive AstroReality app with one of three different sized LUNAR models, or the unique LUNAR notebook, and take one giant leap in your Lunar learning.


Starting at just $39, LUNAR models are available in: LUNAR Mini (30mm), LUNAR Regular (80mm), and LUNAR Pro (120mm).


Learn more about LUNAR and find the right product for you.

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